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"GREAT SUCTION! These pumps are amazing. Great quality and powerful suction. Expresses more milk than my other pump." -Rachael M. (NSW)

Australia's Most Trusted Breast Pump

Fits all breast shapes & sizes

Strong, painless and powerful suction

Zero Leaks 

Pumps 6x more milk than any other brands

Our best-selling breast pump is ultra light weight and it's cordless hand-free design makes it perfect for expressing fresh breast milk while on the go for busy mum's who have an active lifestyle!


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Join 12,468 parents who have made their life easier with the Portable Bottle Warmer PRO

"GREAT SUCTION! These pumps are amazing. Great quality and powerful suction. Expresses more milk than my other pump." -Rachael M. (NSW)

Benefits of Breast pump PRO

  • It is portable and more convenient, making it easier to carry while travelling.
  • It saves you precious time. Especially during late night feedings.
  • It helps you preserve nutrients present in breastmilk when pumping fresh milk on the go.
  • Quiet and Discreet. Our breast pump has less than 40 decibal noise, so it will not wake up your sleeping baby and makes it hassle free.
  • Better taste and texture. Serving fresh breast milk enhances it's taste and makes it more appealing to your little one with no fuss.


Fits all breast shapes and sizes

Lightweight and compact design

Wireless all in one hands free

USB rechargeable battery

BPA Free

Quiet design

Advance air pressure pulse pump technology

Intelligent safety (30 mins auto timer shut off)

3 massage modes

9 suction level selection

Crystal clear LCD display screen

180ml anti leak collection cup

Backflow protection. Keeps milk sterile

Easy to assemble

FDA, CE & ROHS Approved (Certifications for your little one's safety)

Airplane compliant & travel ready ✈️

1 Year Warranty

10x FREE Breastmilk storage bags


All orders shipped same day. Fast shipping from Sydney, Australia.

Standard- 4 to 6 Business Days

Express- 2 to 4 Business Days


Our breast pumps are air plane compliant, so you can express fresh breast milk 30,000 ft in the air without any inconvenience


We are 100% Australian owned & operated


All orders are shipped same day from Sydney, Australia. Guaranteed fast shipping

Enjoy fast and easy breast milk pumping anytime, anywhere

Meet your cordless hands-free breast pump PRO that single-handedly made all other breast pumps obsolete.

The wireless hands-free PRO is designed, constructed and optimized for fast, efficient breast milk pumping while on the go.

Because fresh breast milk means happier baby.

what makes breast pump PRO different

It's unique quiet design will not wake up your sleeping baby. Makes it super convenient to pump away in any environment. More fresh breast milk for baby and more sleeping time for mum.

Prevents milk from flowing back to the main, keeps the milk fresh and clean. It's powerful suction can pump milk efficiently, brings you a comfortable experience and painless milk extracting.

3 massage modes

9 suction levels

Anti back flow protection

Keeps breast milk safe and sterile

BPA free

Pumps 6x more milk than any other brands

"I bought 2 pumps. Hands down these are the best pumps on the market. Powerful suction and very comfortable. Just ordered another one for my friends baby shower."- Sarah. L (QLD)

Breast pump PRO : at a glance

how does PRO breast pump compare

Baby's Luxury Lane™ Breast Pump PRO

Wireless hands-free

Rechargeable battery

Powerful suction

Expresses more milk

Portable & Lightweight

Ultra quiet

Fits all breast shapes & sizes

Other Generic Brands

✘  Cheap quality

✘  Leaks 

✘  Makes loud noises

✘  Low suction

✘  Smaller battery capacity

✘  Expresses less milk

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