Cordless Breast Pump PRO
Cordless Breast Pump PRO
Cordless Breast Pump PRO
Cordless Breast Pump PRO
Cordless Breast Pump PRO
Cordless Breast Pump PRO
Cordless Breast Pump PRO
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Cordless Breast Pump PRO

Breast Pump PRO + FREE Breast Milk Storage Bags

  • Portable & Convenient
  • Quiet & Discreet
  • Fits All Breast Shapes & Sizes
  • Strong, Painless & Powerful Suction

    You will receive 10x FREE Breastmilk Storage Bags to store your fresh breast milk (Valued at $39.99). Today Only.

Benefits of Breast Pump PRO

  • It is portable and more convenient, making it easier to carry while travelling.
  • It saves you precious time. Especially during late night feedings.
  • It helps you preserve nutrients present in breastmilk when pumping fresh milk on the go.
  • Quiet and Discreet. Our breast pump has less than 40 decibal noise, so it will not wake up your sleeping baby and makes it hassle free.
  • Better taste and texture. Serving fresh breast milk enhances it's taste and makes it more appealing to your little one with no fuss.


  • Fits all breast shapes and sizes

  • Lightweight and compact design

  • Wireless all in one hands free

  • Semi-circular hidden design

  • BPA Free

  • Advance air pressure pulse pump technology

  • Intelligent safety (20 mins auto timer shut off)

  • 4 massage modes

  • 9 suction level selection

  • Crystal clear LCD display screen

  • 150ml anti leak collection cup

  • Backflow protection. Keeps milk sterile

  • Easy to assemble

  • FDA, CE & ROHS Approved (Certifications for your little one's safety)

  • Airplane compliant & travel ready ✈️

  • 1 Year Warranty


  • We use Australia Post. All orders shipped SAME DAY. Fast Shipping From Sydney, Australia.
  • Standard - 4 to 6 Business Days
  • Express - 2 to 4 Business Days

What's included in the box?

  • 1 Breast Pump

  • 1 USB Charging Cable

  • 1 Bra Strap

  • 1x 24mm flange shield

  • 10x Breastmilk Storage Bags

  • 1 User Instruction Manual

Click Here to purchase additional flange sizes or for more information.
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    Australian Owned

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    Same Day Fast Shipping From Sydney, Australia

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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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    1-Year Warranty


Are You Tired of Dealing with Bulky Breast Pumps? 

As a busy mum, traditional and bulky breast pumps can be inconvenient. Keeping you tied up to the wall for precious minutes or even hours each day. What if you could pump on your own terms, without sacrificing your freedom or mobility? With our Hands Free Breast Pump, you can do just that.

 Embrace Freedom & Say Goodbye to Inconvenient Feeding Times!

Picture this: you're in the middle of a busy day, trying to balance work, errands and caring for your little one. Suddenly, it's time to pump and you find yourself stuck in a chair or attached to a bulky breast pump, unable to get anything done. Let's not forget the discomfort and inconvenience of trying to pump discreetly in public places, feeling self conscious and exposed.

Convenient, hidden & discreet

With its new features, advanced technology and modern design, the anti backflow protection and double sealed flange will keep your breast milk fresh and sterile. Also stops any overflow to avoid any milk wastage.

Discover the Ultimate Freedom with Our Hands Free Breast Pump!

Our innovative pump allows you to pump anytime, anywhere. Simply attach our breast pump to your bra and go about your day while our pump does the rest. Whether you're working, running errands or simply relaxing at home, our hands free pump gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to live your life on your own terms.

Say Hello To Your New Travel Best Friend

Our Breast Pump is 100% Airplane Compliant. Travel without any stress.

Don't let traditional old breast pumps hold you back – invest in our Hands Free Breast Pump today and experience the freedom and flexibility you deserve as a mum.

Benefits of Breast Pump PRO?

  • Smart LCD Screen

  • 4 Massage Modes

  • 9 Suction levels

  • USB Battery Powered

  • 100 minutes usage time

  • 20 minutes auto smart shut off timer

  • Quiet & Discreet Design

  • Powerful Suction (up to 300mmHg)

  • Anti backflow protection. Keeps milk sterile

  • Safe & BPA Free

  • Easy to Assemble & Use

  • It Fits Any Breast Shape or Size

  • Airplane Compliant. Travel Ready ✈️

  • FDA, CE, RoHs Approved (Certifications For your Little One's Safety)

Watch it in Action

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See What Mum's Are Saying


"I'm surprised at how much I like this pump. It's comfortable. Super easy to use. Also very easy to clean."

Lisa M.

Pyrmont, NSW

"This pump has been a life saver. Not only can I pump with both (cuts the time in half) but I can also get stuff done without being tied to one spot."

Sharon K.

Adamstown, NSW


"This pump works wonders! I can get 2 pumping sessions with the battery life and it charges quickly."

Lydia L.

Adelaide, SA


"I ordered this pump a couple weeks ago and use it several times each day, and I've been loving it so far!! Good suction."

Kirsten E.

Perth, WA


"I bought 2 pumps. Hands down these are the best pumps on the market. Powerful suction and very comfortable. Just ordered another one for my friends baby shower."

Sarah L.

Sydney, NSW


"So far this pump is amazing! Great for when you are travelling and it is also affordable. I havent had any leaks with this so thats awesome."

Ashley P.

Croydon North, VIC


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Alanna. B

Excellent pump and incredible customer service! Highly recommend

Carlyn. S

This is my 3rd time exclusively pumping. I have used 10 different pumps and consider myself pretty critical of the pumps I use because I spend so much time using them. This is the only pump I am using. I have purchased a second one because of the suction quality and comfort. Definitely recommend it.

Megan. F

Suction power is outstanding for efficient milk extraction. If you're looking for a reliable and convenient breast pump. This one is it.

Sophia. J

It's super easy to assemble. Aside from the great price its great quality! Certainly increased my milk supply by a lot

Ameena Zhang
Great great great customer service!!!

The team help me to sort out the flange insert size issue, promptly, politely and patiently. The best people in the world <33333

Frequently Asked 

Do you ship worldwide? And How long does shipping take?

Yes, we offer fast tracked shipping worldwide.
All orders shipped same day from Sydney, Australia

Standard Shipping - 4 to 6 Business Days
Express Shipping- 2 to 4 Business Days

USA & Global Customers
Express Shipping - 5 to 7 Business Days

What is the suction power?

Our breast pump PRO has a maximum suction power of up to 300mmHg, which is similar to hospital grade pumps.

Suction levels can be adjusted to desired level of comfort.

How much liquid can the breast pump hold?

Holds up to 150mls.

Does it comes with warranty?

Yes, all our breast pumps come with a 1-Year Warranty.

How to charge your breast pump?

It comes with a USB type-C cable to charge your breast pump.

For optimal usage, it is recommended to fully charge your breast pump to 100% before going out.

How to clean and sterilise your breast pump?

The accessories of the breast pump are detachable for more thorough cleaning.

Simply use soap and warm water to gently clean the parts that comes in contact with milk. Ensure that all parts are dry before using. 

Cleaning instruction manual included.

Is it safe to use?

Our breast pump is FDA, CE, ROHS Approved (for your little one's safety)