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Where Our Journey Began...

Baby's Luxury Lane® was founded in 2020. As first time parents to our darling daughters Sofia and Aliya, we were struggling to bottle feed our babies at night. As a father, working long hours in the emergency room as a Registered Nurse and then returning home exhausted at odd hours of the day/night, we as parents faced many challenges. Waking up in the middle of night, preparing formulas and struggling to get the perfect temperature was very time consuming. Taking our children out, running errands and having to stop the car over on the side of the road multiple times, just to prepare the babies bottles using hot water from a thermos and mixing it with cold pre boiled water and hoping to get temperature right the first time. It was very challenging. 

Keeping in mind the struggles that similar parents were experiencing, we decided to find the ultimate solution to this problem we were facing on a daily basis.

With our unwavering determination, endless search and a touch of ingenuity, we set out to create a solution that would revolutionize this feeding problem. Armed with nothing but a dream and a modest garage workshop, we embarked on a journey of trial and error, fuelled by the love for Sofia and Aliya and the desire to ease the burdens of parenthood.

Months of tireless tinkering and countless prototypes later, we unveiled this masterpiece – Australia's first portable bottle warmer, "Baby's Luxury Lane Bottle Warmer PRO". Compact and powerful, this revolutionary device promised to redefine the parenting experience, one warm bottle at a time.

Baby's Luxury Lane® is more than just a brand and product. It is a testament to the Narayan's unwavering commitment to their children fuelled by love. It symbolises our journey from adversity to triumph, inspiring parents everywhere to embrace the joys of parenthood without sacrificing convenience. 

We hope our story inspires all parents in the world filled with endless possibilities.

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